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    Water/methanol Injection

    Water/Methanol injections (aka liquid intercooler) seems to be a perfect option for the Honda Turbos. Any good arguements as to why this would not work with any form of increase of boost (manual boost controllers, Macboost, or Nitro's kit)?

    Kits are reasonable, Use of washer fluid seems cheap enough. Why would this not work?

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    water injection works on airplanes

    Not sure on the specifics but have often wondered about water injection on a ski. USAF use to have "ADI" on some recip aircraft engines (huge 3 banks of 9 cylinders (2,800 cu in). They used a 50 / 50 water and alcohol injection for short (max throttle burst). It would instantly, pour out black smoke, the cylinder head temp gages fell off, and you were shoved back in your seat with all kinds of xtra torque!!! Not sure if the alcohol needs to be part of a ski configuration (alcohol allowed water to go into an emulsion with the 115 /145 gasoline to cool and "load" the each cylinder with maximum fuel). Possibly using smaller amounts of water, would not need the alcohol, and if that were the case, an unlimited supply of cool water from the outside (not running in saltwater).

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    Seems like W/M injection is perfect for a turbo application where you can either adjust boost easily or advance timing. We can't adjust timing easily with the Honda, but we sure can adjust boost. These kits look pretty easy to install and a bottle of washer fluid (appx 40% methanol 60% water) is cheap, plus a 2 QT. tank will last several rides. Keeps the intake track and valves clean. I am not seeing the downside of this "Liquid Intercooler".

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    Larry, I posted this exact same question to those in the ultra 250 section and recieved no reply. I know for a fact that H2O injection works as I have an Eagle talon that runs 23 psi. This absolutely cannot be done without wi. The wi combats detonation and keeps internals clean & cools down intake charge temps (ICT's). Draw backs none so far. The Buick Grand National guys have been at it for years & there are some really nice kits out that are made for cars that will work real nice on our skis. I just may install one on my ski this summer. If I do I will let you know!!

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    A few people have run them on the SC rxp's....I dont know about Honda's, but for Sea Doo's you would need some sort of engine management to take it the full benefits of it and tune it correctly. This is very expensive of course. The other "issue" you would run into would be the prop would have to either run the meth all the time, for racing purposes I would assume unless u wanna go around with a tank of methanol in your car, or have two props for when you dont run the methanol kit and have two different MAPS for it....

    I had it on my 1.8T and loved it...Best bang for the buck i would say.

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    For the Honda, the main advantage to using the W/M inj, is the fact that boost is so easy to tune. With a manual boost controller you can go back to stock boost easily if you ran out of methanol. So two props is not an issue as there are only one or two aftermarket props anyway and they work with the stock boost or elevated boost.

    Full time methanol is not an issue, carrying a gallon jug of washer fluid is simple.

    Being that timing is not raised and you are only tweaking boost. It makes a lot of sence to run W/M inj on a Honda.

    Much cheaper in the long run to running race gas mix, Much cheaper than an aftermaket intercooler. Effectively richens the AF ratio which can be an issue for the Hondas with increased boost. I can't find a down side yet.

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    Downside is we don’t run our PWC motors on water. But rather fuel and air (an atomizer)

    If you displace air with water you get less power. You only have so much room on the intake charge to fill the cylinder. Gasoline has about 4x the BTU of alcohol and water has zero BTU.

    All this water injection started years ago with the old designed motors of the past


    If you have a inefficient head design like a SOHC 2 valve motor than the trade off may show some merit. I’ve not found this to be true with the modern Honda 4-valve DOHC hemi heads from engine Dyno test.

    Your idea though is valid and just because I posted this does not mean you should not try your own experiment. I ditched the factory electronics 6 years ago in favor of my programmable ECU Nitro Stg1 kit and have no restraints on tuning so I’m not strapped into the stock configuration.

    I say go for it but, I’m thinking from my testing it may be a lost cause.


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    The only ski out right now I think will see any real improvement is the 250X if sprayed before the SC. Other than that the tuning will be hard to get past.

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    I would agree that BTU would drop due to using just Water, but a 50-50 mix of water and methanol will provide some BTU's. W/M injection is not that high of the total percentage of fuel. The actualy amount of fuel on n the fuel map will not decrease, it will only richen the fuel map with the alcohol injection. Poor mans high test fuel as well, (raises octane 10-20 points) The purpose of the injection is to significantly reduce intake temps of the fuel charge, which is basically the same as a high octane fuel. Denser charge = more power without detonation which is the same as a larger intercooler. These are the same things the Honda struggles with when increasing boost.

    I think I will give it a try and report back later this summer.

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    I have seen a few systems for turbo 'busa coversions that use co2 instead of an electric pump. Might be an easier option for you.

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