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    Drive Coupler Removal on 92 SL 650

    Got a question a about removal of the drive coupler on a 92 SL 650. We are tearing down the engine and are having very difficult time trying to remove the coupler. Have been referencing the 1992 - 1998 service manual and went through the complete process of holding the crank in position by placing rope in the top of the PTO cylinder. Place a wrench in the slots of the coupler and turning couter clockwise (as viewed from the rear) which seems to work fine locking the crank into position. But I tried to loosen it and it just won't come loose, I'm worried about doing damage to something if there is to much force placed on it. Are these normally that tough to get loose or is there something that I'm missing? Looking to use a bigger wrench with more leverage but don't want to damage anything internally on the crank or coupler. Any suggestions is much appreciated.

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    They can be rather tightly held onto the PTO shaft.

    If you have enough rope in there that the piston is well shy of TDC (but not so much that the rope is poking into the cylinder ports), then you can apply a fair amount of torque to the coupler.

    Don't forget the PB Blaster, or equivalent!

    If it is a solid coupler (no rubber, just metal), then you can apply some heat, especially if you will be replacing all the crankshaft seals anyway.

    Worst case scenario, you might have to grind a slot in the side of the coupler, to just shy of the threads, to break it loose.

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    Thats what sharps had to do for my coupler ^ cut a notch in it with a grinder

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    Bigger wrench will be fine.

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