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    New (to me) 1996 Wave Venture - Carbs...

    I just picked up a 1996 Wave Venture 1100. It's got about 227 hours on a stock motor. No real maintenance has been done to it. Compression was right at 100 across all cylinders, which is a little bit low, but since they were all within 5% I thought it was probably alright.

    The only problems I've noticed:

    1) It smokes if you're idling.
    2) It idle's a little bit rough.
    3) If you ride it for awhile, then cut it off to jump in the water, then get back on and start it up, it bogs down if you try to immediately give it gas. You have to play with the throttle for a little bit and it will snap out of it and go back to normal.

    I'm thinking #1 is probably pretty normal and #2 and #3 could be carb related. Rebuilding the carbs is on my list of things to do in the near future, however, I just picked the thing up and I'd like to make it last through the season so I can get some use out of it before taking it apart. If I put it off for another couple of months is that going to cause any long term damage? Are there any "band-aids" I can put on it for now to help it out in the short term?

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    ok well # 1 is normal bacause the raiders and ventures have the non varible oil pump. That means that it is giving the same amount of oil to the carbs at idle as it would at WOT
    That would also lead to ur Third problem with it bogging when u first take off. THis is caused from the excesive oil that is put in the cylinder and it takes a little bit to get rid of that build up.
    Oh Ya and your second problem is pretty much the same thing with the others it is just gettin sum oil build up in the cylinders so maybe try to give i alittle gas when u can (no boats around in no wake zone)
    How you guys think i did on this one its my first post on helpin sumone and i think i got it all

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    raiderteen: thanks for the comments!

    Your diagnosis of #1 makes pretty good sense. #2 may actually just be normal - I've never ridden another venture or this model 1100, so I'm not sure how they're supposed to ride, it just seems a little bit rough compared to when you give it some gas.

    #3 I'm not sure on. I've been putting in at a no wake zone. I have to ride for about 100-150 yards at idle to get out of the no wake zone. I can immediately hit the throttle and get a perfect response when I'm out of the no wake zone. However, I've obviously let everything run for a few minutes at idle and warm up. When I've cut it off in the middle of the lake to swim, it's usually not for a very long time, so I wouldn't think it's had time to cool down - yet when I jump back on and start it up and try to go, it bogs down.

    My thoughts on the carbs is primarily due to the fact that after 12 years, I figure they should probably have had some maintenance done on them. Since they haven't, #2 and #3 seem like they could be easily attributed to that.

    To try and get a little bit more information from you about the oil pump... I know alot of people don't feel comfortable with them and take them out or cut them off and pre-mix their fuel. If I did the same thing and began pre-mixing... would this (most likely) eliminate this issue? I don't think it's that big of a deal, but I'm just trying to weigh my options.

    Thanks again!

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    Well #2 u might be able to screw in the idle screw if it seems like it is idling low. #3 i can see where you are getting at. I have the same problem if i stop it for a little bit and then go again. Its done it for whats goin on three years i just think that it is caused by the cylinder gettin settled with oil then when u start it back up it takes a little to get it cleared up. I would highly consider gettin a OEM Mikuni Carb rebuild kit for it.I dnt know if switching to premix would help i havent done that to mine so ask around maybe someone else will comment on that

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    go premix at 50:1 full synthetic i use pennzoil full synthetic from walmart this should help dramatically but i would also rebuild the carbs since you are overdue and while your ar it cut back spark plug wires and reattach

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    big raider: Do you see any problem with me waiting until the end of the season to work on the carbs? Should I run a bottle of fuel system cleaner or anything through in the mean time to get rid of any "gunk" that may have formed? I haven't heard about cutting back the spark plug wires or what the benefit is... I'll have to do a search on that one.

    Thanks for the input!

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