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    SLTX1050 1998 hole in Piston

    I just got a SLTX1050 Polaris from a guy. I open the head and the number 1 Piston is badly damage and broke up. The guy sell it to me said his daughter run the ski after the oil warning were on.

    Can lack of oil let only the one piston meltdown and let the others in good condition?
    I read everywhere check the crank index what is it and were can I get the index?
    What is the chance that the crank will be damage in ‘n situation like this?
    Is there specific reasons way the number one piston burn?

    I just finish build up my sl780 and it runs great with the excellent advice from the form guys thanks a lot for a great forum to help us also enjoy the sport!

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    depends on the damage , most likely yes the crank will need to be rebuilt but not becuase of it being out of index , just little tiny peices of metal in the bearings that need to spin at 6 k ,

    but prices for this kinda stuff isnt cheap but it wont break ya ,

    a guy around greenbay that does cranks pretty cheap i got qouted 279 $ if my rods werent messed up ,

    130 $ pistons oem tho with 50 $ worth of machine work ,

    thats if it didnt kill that piston if it killed the otheres , than i suggest a complete aftermarket top end kit , can be had for 300 ish on ebay , 70 $ worth of machine work since there machines are pretty much set for the bore ,

    but a hole in the piston im gonna say what is a hotter spark plug gonna do for 1000 $ alex , i might be wrong but we need pictures , some of us hate but like to see damage

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    Thanks here are 2 photo's hope it helps.

    Were can I get the crank index?
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    Quote Originally Posted by christiaan View Post
    ...Where can I get the crank index?
    Do a search - there are several threads discussing crank index checking.

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