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Thread: 95 Sea Doo HX

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    95 Sea Doo HX

    I am havent found much info so I am hoping some of you all can help me. I have found what I think is a decent deal on a 95 HX Model with trailor. What is a good price for both? Oh can anyone tell me ups and downs of the HX model. This will be my first jetski and looking for something fun powerful, and reliable.


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    Well unless you are very light or have exceptional balance be prepared to be in the water alot - esp. at first.

    It is a very tippy ski. On the plus side, the ski is self righting

    I would love to be there the first time to try to water board it though

    Ski will run low 50's stock, turn like it is on rails, can be a ball - depending.

    $1000-2000 depending on demand and condition.

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    you can always look at Kelly Blue Book...

    There is a tab in the paragraph below for trailer retail prices. The prices listed are for mint condition...devieate from there. Happy hunting

    And by the way, there are HX's in the Doo classifieds with 787 engines in them last time I checked. Keep an eye out for those too.
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    Hey thanks for your alls posts. Yes I am a lght rider around 180 or so. Just want something with some decent power for speend and able to pull people aruond at times. OH just really like to have a reliable ski and decent power for now.

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    Pull people around???
    Most states require a 3 seater for that.
    HX is one seater.

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    Really its a one seater? This all new to me. Yea around this area things are a little diffrent and releaxed.

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    I just bought a HX a couple months ago as my first ski that Iíve owned but Iíve been riding off and on for 10 years. The HX may not be the best choice for the beginner, its very tippy at slow speed or idle and is difficult to reboard in deep water. It took me a while but I can both almost effortlessly now but I have the advantage of being 5í 8Ē ( I can even stand holding the bars with the engine off now). It really isnít a good family boat as you canít ride two up on it and canít tow or carry anything.

    That being said, itís an awesome ski, I love mine. Once you gain some experience (balancing it!) it can really reward you as it can turn and carve like no oneís business. It is hard to do any real tricks such as slides or spins (you actually can do the latter but it isnít as controllable or easy as say the X-4 series hulls) but it rides like a motorcycle; you can lean in Ė particularly at medium speeds, way in. Real aggressive ski.


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    Hey thanks for your response. Yea not looking for the family thing yet. Still young and single. Just wanitg a good fast cheap play ski to work up to maybe some ticks lol. Yea I am about 6" tall so that sould help also. So what I been trying to find out does this have like a VTS system or could you give me any more info please.

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    No VTS for the HX. It does have a manual trim system; you have to get have the ski and manually change the nozzle from the back of the ski. Truth be told I have a R&D drop nozzle and I canít notice much difference in the handling except in chop where it kinda stops porpoising. I have UMI steering on it and I like it better than the stock steering but stock should hold you over for now. If you can get a good deal on a HX Iíd pick it up but make sure you have it checked out first!

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    HXs are pretty gutless stock & when you modify the 720 it is prone to being a "problem child",you can install the 800 in one but cost about $3000 for all the right stuff & some fiberglass work.

    I would suggest a 96 XP or 97-99 SPX they come with a 800 & easier to board & a great haul ass ski.

    I live in Fla & have a 96 XP & a 97 SPX for sale,it a drive but they have been gone thru front to rear & run great. LMK if interested.

    I have a 800 HX for sale also $4500....

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