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    Coinsidence or my fault?? Opinions needed desperately

    OK, so yesterday I pull my pump to change my prop cone from a plastic one to a metal one. Took everything off and plastic cone was still good, so I did not bother replace it. Bolted everything back up and went out on the water this evening. Engine starts fine, all power is there. Rode out for about 15 mins, relatively calm water so I was at WOT. All of a sudden, complete engine shut down. No noises, no lights or warnings. Try to restart but all you hear is a distinct click noise and the engine does not even TRY to turn. Knew it was not the battery because the dash was still active. Anyway, so I lift the seat and look inside...MY ENTIRE COOLANT BOTTLE IS EMPTY! So of course now I know that I am basicly next to screwed but still unsure of the damage. So i get home after being towed by a friends gp1300 R which of course we should not have done but I did not want to drift out into the open ocean. Pull my spark plugs in reverse order, 3, 2.............1. Spark plug 1 comes out and the entire head has been shatered off!! Metal shards everwhere. So now of course I know that my pistons have siezed up, rod has probably snapped, and maybe even a dropped valve. My engine is in a complete wreck!! But with closer inspection there is NO trace of coolant at the bottom of the craft so I knew I did not have a leak not to mention I did not get any overheating censor warning so it was not the coolant that caused the initial problem. So I search now for my missing coolant, only to find it in my EXHAUST..yes that's right on it's way to the waterbox, along with a rich mixture of oil. I guess I broke a few holes in there! Anyway, I am up for any opinions as to what people think might have been the cause or if it was just my time. HULK, when you read this, my engine comes out on Saturday and this is the big break I have been waiting for to mod mod mod. If you can please provide me with a phone number for you and a good time that I can call, please kindly let me know because I simply cannot type fast enough. Thanks guys!!

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    How many RPM's were you turning when the engine let loose?

    Are you under warranty?

    PM me your phone number and i will call you later.

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    Oh boy! I been here before. Good luck with the rebuild. If its out of warranty find a trustworthy mechanic.

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    Holy God!

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    Good luck man.

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    This is what my spark plug looked like and my #1 cylinder when I ran it with no oil (dealer serviced it and put no new oil back in). Sounds like the same as you except my coolant was ok.
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    So if your spark plug tip breaks it goes in the engine and does this type of damage ??

    What would cause this ? I know it wasn't from the pump removal. Do you think when he put the pump back on somehow he blocked up the washer , causing overheating ?

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    Any news yet on what happened?...PR...

    to many of these machines are coming apart

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    Wholly Holly, Holly Berry, Holly ****!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kinchyle
    So if your spark plug tip breaks it goes in the engine and does this type of damage ??
    No, you're plug being destroyed indicates something came loose and was bouncing all around between the top of the piston and dome damaging things (like a chunk of the piston itself, etc...)...Sometimes it also means your piston came loose from the rod and bounced off your plug destroying...

    The plug is just a indicator of what happened basically...

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