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Thread: rxp vs rxt

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    rxp vs rxt

    whats the deal, id be riding in inlet and ocean, would it be better to have the more weight to stay in the water and keep the grate under or does the difference not make that big of a difference?

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    We have never ridden in the ocean,but we got the RXT's because we like to ride Lake Erie ,and that lake can be killer at times.
    The wife likes the extra stability and the smoother ride of a 3-seater.

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    that depends on what you want. if you dont need a lot of storage space and you like to jump waves(and dont mind getting sprayed a lot) then rxp is way to go. honestly, i had an 03 gtx, which is the same hull as the rxt and now i have an rxp..i dont feel that much of a difference between the two, as far as ride comfort in chop. you definatly get a lot more spray though, i just got my jettrim spray deflector so i hope that takes of it. if your lookin for a big couch to ride on, then go with the rxt. i have A LOT more fun with my rxp cause its so easy to turn and bunny hop, jumpin waves is a blast.

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    I ride the RXT in the Atlantic and find it more of a boat (safety) than a ski.
    All that hull handles the waves and shifty currents under the bridge passes fine. Plus you get all that great boost when you need it.

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    So basically RXT's are big comfy couches and they haul asss.

    It's a "Sea Harley"; that's what got me on an RXT...

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    IMO the RXP is the ultimate stock grudge lake racer, it's quicker and faster than anything else stock but hits hull really doesn't shine when you push it out of its efficiency window.

    The RXT just proved itself by taking Oleron (the toughest ocean endurance in the world), something the RXP was never capable of, just because that's not what it's meant to do.

    I ride with a friend who has an RXP and he suffers a lot here on the ocean, even against a close to stock 15F, because its hull just doesn't cut it.

    He planned buying a GTX or RXT for 2005 but he went another, totally different route.

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    i guess i would need an rxt, the chop here in the inlet and ocean is so bad its hard to stay on a polaris junker, i couldnt imagine trying to get going on an rxp, the ski would never be in the water

    I like jumping waves the most though, I would want the shorter and lighter rxp for that, I cant decide

    only time I would be able to go is following a donzi with a smooth trail behind it

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    I owned an RXP last year, Open water skiing was hard work, you have to ride the ski 100%.

    Now have an RXT and even though it's not as quick as the RXP, when fast cruising (40mph+) it's a piece of cake.

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    scooby ... how's ur RXT runnin with the stage 1?

    what kind of numbers and hole shot and difference from stock?

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    The hook up since the Stage I is fantastic, it's a dream in any kind of sea .
    Hole shot and acceleration seem very simular to stock, with may be a ski length over half a mile...

    That may be due to the 2 deg pump wedge..may take that off again, it's a tricky one, the pump wedge make the RXT ride so much nicer, with nose-diving greatly reduced.. but the hookup when it gets a little rougher is slightly compromised as a result..

    Overall I'm well impressed with the mod, we have cooler weather here (66-70 degs) and I only put in 98RON fuel, so I am reqularly holding 71mph on the speedo on a calm day, so allowing for "dreamo errors" I would expect that to be 67-68mph.. and it's gunna go even faster on a nice flat lake..

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