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    SC 180 fueling problem

    Wondering if anyone has had a overflow problem while fueling up,it shot out on me a few times while trying to fuel,also the gas gauge has not dropped or the hour meter is not working,anyone else experiencing these problems?

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    yah, mine regurgitates fuel too- its a sportster/speedster 150 though. There is a kink in the fuel line to the tank from the fueling port. I thought that was the problem, then noticed others photos of their engine compartment and saw the same thing so it must be 'normal'.

    Hard to fill w/o overflow.

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    My 180 does it just pump a little slower it will be fine and don't shove it all the way in .............

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    Mine burps back too. Even when filling slow or with nozzle in only part way. Makes a mess,I smell like gas on the trip home, pisses me off big time. The vent appears to be clear so I don't know what is causing it.
    Now I roll up a paper towel and stuff it around the nozzle. Works well.

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    Mine does that too. I try to jam in in far enough that the flat rubber splash guard is pressing against the hull. I only get a small dribble when I do it this way.

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    Glad to hear I am not alone in the "gee dad why do you smell like gas?"

    I just try to guess when I am close to full now and stop.

    06 c180

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    I have this problem on the 150 and another boat. I keep saying I need to get one of these, not too fond of fuel shooting all over me! I'm thinking this catch can and a rag around the fuel fill may be the answer? Although I've been boating all my life and never tried it
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    Mine does the same....i think it comes more from the weird shape of the fuel tank, when the fuel level comes near the full tank (where the tank separate into two section on the top) i think this is when the fuel actually 'burps' back to the nozzle and vent....fueling slowly might help a bit to reduce that, last fill up when near full i kept on filling it but very slowly and it did the trick.....wasn't splashed at all...!

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    I dont take my boat away from the lake if I can help it. So I use gas cans to refuel, regular cans were a real pain until I bought 1 of the gas can 'Nozzles' that look like a plastic gas pump handle. Sorry I cant remember the brand but they are at Canadian tire. I set the cans on a piece of plywood across the passenger seats, squeeze the handle twice, slip my zipty around the lever to keep it flowing and walk away, put in 2 or 3 cans, never splashes back and no babysitting (just know how much you need). I got my dad one for his pontoon boat, he loves it too!

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