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    I may purchase a 1999 gp1200r

    Is there anything i should out for while inspecting this model... i'm sure the motor is worn in pretty well but i have no issues if i have to trade the motor out soon. should i worry about the pump or anything along those lines?

    I'm kinda new to the jetski world but i know i want to end up with a gpr right now and maybe swap engines over a wintert to a 1300r motor or something. I have plenty of general mechanical knowledge but haven't actually ever toyed with a pwc any help would be appreciated thank you,

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    99 gpr? Nope. 2000 and up was the R model

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    haha thank you... i thought something seemed fishy...
    its cheap as crap but i'm too new to know better.
    Much of a difference in the hull?

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    Hull, engine, everything is different. Not a bad ski, just not a GPR.

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    yup gpr made from 2000 to 2002 lol

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    If its a 99 GP1200R it is 1 of 50 built by Riva and ran 65-66, very similiar to my 97 GP1200. Got any pics so we can confirm whether its a GP or GPR?

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    or it might have triples which would be like 1 of 10 made.

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    Australia had GPR's in 99 we did not get them over here until 00, so yes there is such a thing as a 99 GPR

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