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Thread: Texas riders

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    Texas riders

    Im going to Clear Lake/Kemah over Labor Day and Im taking the skis...Im hauling 8 hours, is this pratical with my trailer?, it came with the skis, its just a stock no thrills kinda trailer. Where is a good safe spot to launch and park my rig? My wife wants to go out and see the dolphins around the ferry, is this legal? Id like to go out into the Gulf, any ideas? Should I launch at Texas City to be closer to the Gulf entrance to the Bay? any feed back will be appriciated.

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    You might PM RX951 or superduty if they dont respond to this thread. Both are local to where you are talking about.

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    Well hello !

    You can launch at the Kemah bridge. there are restaurants close by, gas and you are right between clear lake and the galveston bay. But it is a way from Galveston. The Kemah area is cool, again, lots of food as it is a tourist area and you can launch at both ends of the bridge.

    Another place to launch is Walter Hall park or Egret Bay, but you will have to travel across clear lake to get to the kemah bridge. no biggie.... This is to pretty much stay in the Clear Lake Clear Creek area.

    If you choose to see the dolfins and ride around the galveston area, I would travel to galveston on I45 south and launch at the 61st boat ramp just off of I45 and 61st street. It takes you to Offatts Bayou area. You can then travel under the causeway and go to SeaWolf Park and see the dolfins in the ship channel near the ferry landing. Not far at all. Pretty cool run there and ou get to see the cruise ships if they are in dock and the oil rigs in the ship channel off of Harborside Drive. You can ride around the ship channel, but you should keep your distance from the ferry's as there is a boating law to keep so many feet from a boat.

    I would personally stay away from the Texas City dike. too crowded with fisherman, the launches are not good and there are not many place to park one you do launch. I would hate to see you launch at the dike and get upset over the me...I've lived in Texas City most of my life and the Dike area is not like it use to be.

    If you have any questions, PM me

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    thanks alot for the input, RX951, I am familiar with the Kemah area as a tourist as we go there about 2-3 times a year just to watch the boats and eat. The 61st boat ramp sounds like the best in order to get closets to the dolphins without alot of travel. Does anyone ride out in the gulf and in the surf? Im hoping one day to take my cruiser down and slip it in the Kemah area.

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