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    To Buy Or Not to Buy, That Is The Question?

    I currently own a 03 seadoo gtx sc. I have been looking for an older pwc to fix up for myself and let my girlfriend have the "couch". The guy across the street has had a old red, white & yellow pwc sitting for at least 8 years I never gave it much thought. Yesterday I asked the guy Hey you wanna sell that thing?
    He said YEA GIVE ME $40 & ITS YOURS! I was like WTF? Upon further inspection its a Polaris Hurricane not sure but i think its a 96 from some of the pics i have searched on hear. Looking at what it was goin to need I opened the hood and popped the seat off and its all there BUT THE JUGS AND HEADS.
    The pistons and rods, lower half of block and carbs are there. Its also goin to need a steering cable & throttle cable just based on 10 min of looking at it.
    Basicly am I goin to be able to find parts to fix this thing? I am capable of doing the work.

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    Cool nice score.. Lots of 700 parts around new and used.

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    Where? I thing i might just go with a SBT engine this crank is pretty rusty.

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    to go with a complete SBT have to have a COMPLETE motor..(heads jugs etc).....your better off puttin up an AD here in the classfieds on what u need and sending your crank to Midwest crankshaft in green bay WI..

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    I'm not a fan of SBT engines and I don't think you'll find many lovers of them around here, but by the time you find and buy the missing parts, fix or replace whats there, you'll be into it for more $ than what a SBT engine will cost you...good point about having to send in a complete core though. So it might be the way to go here by posting a want engine ad if you just want to get out there and ride. I think just looking to find replacement parts might take awhile and the riding season is short.
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    Forty bucks for a Hurricane hull? No question in my mind. I'd jump at that even if it did mean a whole new motor...

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    Buy..if you decide you dont want it..part it out and make 5x your money back.

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