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    Wife is definiely no mechanic

    Hello all I am new here... I was out of town and my wife took at our 2001 Yamaha XLT 1200. It had been sitting for a while and she decided to charge the battery. The next day it would start so she jumped started it with a running car which is a no-no. She told me it started turning over even with out pushing the button. So my question is to anyone that might know what part of the electrical system usually gets damaged? I have it apart but not sure what might need to replace or what I might want to check with a metter.
    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide..

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    Test for continuity on the starter solenoid. You should only have it when the lanyard is in and the green button depressed. Only other thing I can think of would be the start stop switch itself.

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    Thanks guys.. after digging around all day it seems to be the CDI.. Well live and learn..

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    A friend of mines XLT did the same thing, set all winter he got it out in the spring and tried jump starting it and fried the starter solenoid.
    And it did the same thing would crank with out the starter button being pushed.

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    id say starting silinoid too. a car batt has WAY more amps and ussual will "arc weld" the contacts together.

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    hmmm i would think that it wasnt the car battery but more of another problem. i have started many a bike with a car. as long as the batteries are the same voltage thats all that should matter. amperage on a battery is the amount of energy that can be drawn from the battery.

    to me it seems more likely that she hooked up something wrong.
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    I have a stock CDI from a 2004 xlt if you need it.

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