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    Sinking ski??? Help

    Ok guys, i just picked up a super clean fx1 stand up that has been running like a champ. Compression is great and overall you could say the ski is mint. Mostly stock minus rideplate and grate. This weekend i had it out for the entire weekend and the first problem was the lanyard kill switch shorted out causing it not to start. I rigged the swith with some metal wire to get me through the weekend and that solved that problem.

    Next, on friday evening after about 2 hrs of riding i docked it and tied her up for the night. As i came back down to the dock 2 hours later, it had sank. The top of the hood and bars were still above the water but the ski was waterloged. I removed all the water, pulled plugs etc. and she fired right up. I had left a hood latch open and figured that was the cause because i had not seen any signs of the the leak in the past 2 weeks that i have had it. So, i again left it in the water for a few more hours and it sank. Repeated water removal process and left it beached for the remainder of the weekend. I flipped the ski and looked for cracks or anything that would cause the leak but, i cant seem to find a direct cause.

    So, any clue where to pick up a complete start/stop/kill switch setup?

    what would cause this rapid sinking?

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    drain plugs. and riva has a lanyard and the drain plugs

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    Check Under The Seat And See If You Can See Any Of The Water Coming Into The Hull.also Check Drain Plugs And To See If Ride Plate And Intake Grate Bolts Are There And No Leaks Around The Area.

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    The skis does not have drain plugs. So, this makes it even harder.

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    pull the ski out of the water, dry it off real good. Then fill the inside of the ski with water. ONLY A LITTLE BIT!!!!!! I heard you can fill it just below the intake but i would only fill it to the mounts. Then watch around the outside of the ski for leaks.

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    Number of places.
    -Exhaust hose leak.
    -Under the footwells, at where the exhaust come thru the hull.
    -Hull HIN tag. (prob not in only 2 hours)
    -driveshaft feedthru or feedthru hose (most likely culprit.)
    -leaks on bond line.
    -exhaust or engine water supply line, rubbed on bottom of hull.
    -If pump has built in bilge system, one of the hoses could be off.

    Take the hull and put it in a DRY location, such as a driveway. Fill it up above the lower mounts, up under the intake, (as was suggested earlier.) Do NOT spill any water from the hose. Crawl underneath and look for your leak.

    Also, take the time to install an electric bilge pump. If you get the kind with floats installed, you might not have to worry about it so much.

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    Thanks guys, i will do the water test this week. I also just ordered a new start stop switch so, this should help!

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