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    RXP X max speed question???

    welli havent tried running max speed on my RXP X as it is still going through break in period. i used my dealers demo RXP X and at full throttle it runs 70mph,cant go anymore.

    is that the max on the RXP X or does it have a factory restriction?? or something restricting the max speed?

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    as soon as you cut the wings of the intake grate you will get more speed. or even try cut the whole scoop inside aswell. but you can order a new grate here on the GH shop.

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    70 is the max as allowed by the USGC. No ski from the factory, regardless of vendor will go past that mark.
    Now everyone here will be more then happy to get you past that mark

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    by changing the intake grate as advised ,will that affect factory warranty?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Full_Throttle View Post
    by changing the intake grate as advised ,will that affect factory warranty?
    No, your warantee should be good untill you change your ECU or do some kind of internal upgrade.. But always check with your dealer first, some are tougher than others


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