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    Question polishing the Gelcoat

    Can you use Meguires Carnauba Cleaner Wax on the Gel coat to take out the light scratches?

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    I have used it myself and didnt notice much if any scratch removal..

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    cleaner wax isnt the same as a polish.
    generally you can polish very hard if you have to, for lets say a ski that is white from oxidation, and was originally black!!!!
    the gelcoat is much thicker than the paint job on a car.
    you can cut down pretty hard to restore original lustre to badly faded skis.
    so for just fine scratches, to even medium deep scratches you can polish them out.
    get a polishing wheel or random orbital polisher and get some fine polishing compound and buff away.
    if necessary go with a medium compound, then go over with fine.
    of course rinse clean, dry and follow up with wax of your choice.
    i have been using NXT 2.0 polymer lately with success, last longer than a regular wax. also really easy on and off.

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    Have experience with keeping the Mastercraft pristine: 3M marine paste once a year and regular wipe down with formula 303 on all plastic/vinyl/gel. Hands down the best spent $. I am not in salt water, but advice comes from Carver yacht guys who deal with nothing but salt applications.
    When/if you go to sell and looks like brand new=bonus.
    Be careful when polishing, if you use a quality wheel keep moving and the rpm down or you can burn the gel. It can get addicting because the results are stunning, especially in a highly oxidized application.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cameeks View Post
    Can you use Meguires Carnauba Cleaner Wax on the Gel coat to take out the light scratches?
    I use it all the time on my black RXP. It works great followed by a good paste wax.
    pe4me probably has the best method though, I'll have to try it.

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    I think I got a little off topic. Any scratch that is a noticeable depth will most likely need a more aggressive polish. For the MC, I would try wet-sanding 800 grit then, 1000, then 1200 to the polish of your choice.
    1st- try the cleaner/polisher wax with elbow grease
    2nd- wet some 1000 grit and wet sand until it disappears.
    3rd- try 800 on down until it comes out depending on how bad the scratch is.

    I had some scratches that were nearly to the fiberglass on the bottom and got them up with 500. Sounds and seems crazy at first but honestly it turns out great in the end.

    Careful with a high speed buffer. I gotta 29.99 harbor freight special that has paid for itself 10x, between the boat and rims.

    Mcguires and some of the dept store products are okay, but when you try the specialty brands 3M/ 303 you really get what you pay for. I always laugh when guys spend 50k on a boat or 10k on jet-ski and then dont snap a few extra bucks to get the "right stuff" and again, ultimately if you sell it the toy looks as good as new. Not saying that everyone is stupid for buying brand x or anything, for me it was a matter of talking to the guys who do this sort of thing for a living and NEED the top of the line. (Carver yacht)

    Anyway, I hope this helps cuz I wasted a lot of time and $ on inferior products-

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    I ordered a repair kit from Gelcote. I have one ding that I'm not feeling sure of so I'm going to fix that one. After that I'll try the 3M products. I was going to get a 6" palm buffer what polishing compound do you recommend. If that doesn't get it all and it is not that bad after the polish I'm just going to leave it be. It is on the bottom and don't want to thin the gel coat to much there.

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