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    750 xi Dies Help

    Okay i have a 1994 750 xi sit down jet ski, It runs great starts up every time. But for some reason if you are going full speed a head and then let off the gas and then slow to a putter it dies when you hit the gas again. And alot of the time when you are puttering with no throttle and then slam on the gas it will just die on you... What can cause this.

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    Bump Some one must know whats up with this ski.

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    sounds like you need some carburetor adjustng work ....

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    I agree. sounds like a fuel issue. i would tear into the carbs. Check the fuel systems for leaks. If it always done this then the carbs dont seem to be tuned. change jetting , maybe pop off pressure. What carbs and jetting do u have?? Flame arrestors or stock air box?? What do the plugs look like at idle and WOT??

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    Sounds Like You Need To Trade Your Coffman Exhaust For A Stock One And Retune Your Fuel System!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jk-- Sounds Like A Dirty Carb, Lack Of Fuel To The Engine

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