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    South Florida Riding Spots

    I live in Miami and mainly take the ski out to the ocean but wanted to find some other spots to ride in. When we want to ride in fresh water we usually drop it in a canal for speed runs but there isn't much space to enjoy the flats. Im trying to find any lakes or big hang out spots that people ride in even if I have to drive up north some, Ive heard of a lake in Broward that gets pretty good but never got any details. I know there has to be a ton of places considering how big So. Fla is with Skis, Riva, PPG and so on but I guess the spots are up north out of my usual territory.

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    Some Ideas for S. FL

    Markam Park I595/I75 is west Broward has a Jet Ski lake. I went for
    the first time this week, kinda boring. Cost $10 in addition to park
    admission ($1/person or season pass). They also have a canal that
    is free. However it is where that girl got eaten by a gator a couple months
    ago. I've been chicken to ride in that canal since, I dont' want to be
    in hand to gator combat in the water. Just doens't seem like a fun time!

    I have been going to a free launch site just south of Islamorada in the Keys.
    Very nice, easy launch, plenty of places to ride in side FL Bay and outside
    in the Atlantic. Holiday Isle is nearby and has a big sand bar full of bikini
    clad chicks.......In fact now that I think of it that's where I'm going Sat!

    You can also do John Pennekamp state park in Key Largo. Go out the channel and you're at some of the best coral reefs on the planet. YOu can hook your ski up to a buoy and dive/snorkle on some key dive spots.

    You can also go to Key Biscayne, $10 launch fee, $7.50 toll (car and third axle of ski trailer) and run around that area. Some beaches, riding inside and outside in the Atlantic.

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    A few of the board members ride from Peanut island to Ft. Pierce, but mainly around the Jupiter/Stuart area. Put the call out and We could meet you with our mix of RXP, RXT, Honda turbo ( we call Him # 3 ), XPDI, Kawi 12F, GTXDI and even a 3d. We are out every weekend.

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    Great riding in Jupiter, and stuart. Lots of riding, nice water, or waves, and great scenery!

    and never any pay ramps, or parks

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