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    Water injector diaphragm

    So today I finally finished working on my 96 XP800 and prepped it for the water. I ran it on the trailer for a few seconds to hear it's first start of the season but noticed smoke pumping out of the water injection cap assembly. I took it apart to find the rubber diaphragm and retaining clip are both rotting away and the diaphragm has a big rip in it. Are there any tricks I can do to get away from using that assembly or would I be better off ordering up a new one and keep that system on there?

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    My water regulator had the same exact problem the past 2 weekends and I burned through three exhuast coupler hoses in a day. I highly recommend you get a new one and do this. I took the cap off of mine and installed two or three flat washers in the diaphram where the spring seats. This will keep the valve open longer at higher speeds to ensure a good amount of water is making it into the exhuast so you do go through what I did.

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    Thanks for the suggestion, I'll order one up on first thing tomorrow.

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