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    05 Rxt long beep and motor slows

    Long Beeps While Running?

    I have an RXt 05, and while I am running WOT a 1 or 2 second long beep sounds and motor decellerates a litle for a second untill the the beep goes off. After the beep goes off its ok again and im still at top speed and no message in the display. I push set five times and no code. Its not the gass because my tank was full or above full when this is happening and the key is on right. Oil is good and coolent.

    Any suggetions, it just started doing this yesterday with 35 hours on it.

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    My first guess would be low oil, but since the oil checked out, I would suggest possibly a faulty sensor?

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    thanks for the response. What sensor would that be?

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    The Oil Pressure Switch (#14) on:



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    thanks for the help will checkout tonight

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