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    Help with RXT stage 1 kit

    My wife bought me a Riva stage 1 kit for my 2006 RXT for my birthday.
    I'm installing the intake grate and it doesn't look like the stock one.
    The prop will not fit in my wear ring. It's a Solas SRX-CD-14/17R.
    Is there that much difference in to 06 than the 05.

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    looks like u accidentally got a RXP stage 1 kit.

    the stock grate there is from ur RXT... the riva grate goes on a RXP. they wont work together.

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    sounds like she bought a rxp stage 1 not a rxt

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    The prop would have been a 14/19R for the RXP and it still should have fit in your RXT pump, even tho you will need the 14/17R

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    I thought the RXP used a 14/19 for stage 1 and RXT was a 14/17. Looks like you got the wrong intake grate. Not sure if the CAI is different between the RXT and RXP. I just made my own

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    The intake grate you have is for an RXP. Riva did have the wrong part # on their web site at one time but I thought they had corrected.The prop should be right though unless you put the wrong wearring in for GTX.
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    Riva are great people. I called them and they immediately shipped the correct intake next day air with return shipping tag because I was leaving the next day for the lake till Tuesday and the prop was the right one it's just tight. Has to be totally square when installing.

    Thanks to Riva I could enjoy my long weekend with the full stage 1 kit and I'm very impressed with it.

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