I have a 96 Kawasaki jetski, that I just "inherited" from a family friend. The guy I "inherited" it from said it sat for about a year or so. I did the simple tasks such as cleaning it up, replacing minor parts, such as little pumps, spark plugs, and the battery, I replaced the tires on the trailer, and the bearings too. Thinking I was set to go, I tried to start her. She cranked but thats all she did. Everything sounded right,the battery was doing its job, the water was running through the back prop, and she wanted to start. Then I looked closer and noticed the drive shaft wouldnt turn when I tried to start it. I tried to lube it up with some WD-40 and 656, but had no luck. I secured a pipe wrench on it and tried to budge it while starting but still had no luck. I'm 17 and have fairly little resources, please try and put in as much info and help as you can. I really want to get 'er up and running for the summer, thanks for all of your help!!!