Hi. I've got my eye on a package deal and would appreciate any advice you veterans can give me. Here is what the ad says:

This is a set of Jet Skis. The first ski is a 1995 900zxi. This ski is in great shape with pro x rods and wisco pistons and mono 30 cc head K@N filters. This ski runs strong. The oil mixer has been removed from both skis. The second ski is a 1993 sport 750 xi rebuilt top end with wisco pistons and R@D 30cc head runs great.

They come with a double trailer that is in great shape. These are fun to ride and are both 2 seaters.

Both skis are Kawasakis.

"Pro x rods, wisco pistons, mono 30cc head, K@N filters, re-built top ends, R@D heads" WOW. Sounds awesome! Should I be excited about all of these OEM upgrades? Or is this just "FLUFF?"

I dont know much if anything about motors but I do know how to swim. I just moved to Louisville, KY. (from Denver, CO) and Im living on the Ohio RIver. It seems like the river is kind of like Louisville's "Rocky Mountains." only with 105 degree temps and humidity you can cut with a knife.

Thanks for any help with this.