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    RXP - Siphon Gas ?

    My wife accidently filled the RXP's tank with 87 octane. I figured I'd just stuff a hose down the gas fill tube & siphon the gas into a gas jug on the floor.

    I seem to be having trouble getting the siphon tube (3/8" rubber fuel line) down into the tank. Why? Is there a stop or should I try a different size hose.

    Any other suggestions for getting the gas out, or could I just leave the 87 octane & add octane booster?

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    I used my Oil Buddy to drain my fuel tank. It worked really well on my RXP but couldn't get it down the neck of our GTX-SC.

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    if it`s rubber hose, it`s to flexible to make the turns and bends into the tank. Go get yourself on of those clear plastic siphon red squeeze ball things from Walmart or auto parts store and taper the end of the tubing and gently feed it down the rubber fuel fill hose. It will go in quite a ways...PR...

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    dude just run the gas out of them this time .

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    sometimes it helps to twist the siphon hose as your stuffing it down the curved filler hose.

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    it wont work on these skis... i've drained many gas tanks, and i could not get a hose down the RXT tank for chit

    easy way in... take the clamp off the hose going to the gas tank from the filler. piece of cake... loosen one clamp, yank the hose off, and now u got all the easy access u could want. that's what i wound up having to do when i drained my tank.

    btw.... the 87 octane isn't gonna kill ur ski, just go ride it.

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    Sometimes I can only get 87. It has never given me any problems.

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    Not worth the trouble to get the 87 out. Just use it won't hurt the ski.

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