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    A little intro for myself.

    Good day, fine fellows. I am very new to the ski world. So new, in fact, that I do not own one... yet.
    I've been riding one of either two older skis belonging to a friend of mine. Those skis being a '94 and '95 WaveRunner (I'm usually on the '94).
    Very soon, I will be in the market for a ski that I can call my own, to love, cherish and ride the hell out of.
    Much pondering has landed my mind on a GP1300R.
    I'm not sure what year I will shoot for since I do not know how much I'm going to be able to afford at this time (will know in a month or so). Upgrades will be in the works soon after purchase (again, I must assess my funds).

    The little search button up there has proven its worth here. In only a day of lurking I've established what NOT to do based on the rants and raves of you lot and for that I am grateful.

    Plug these (33.959584,-87.13966) into google maps and that should give you a good idea of where I'm located and where I ride.

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    Smile Welcome

    Hey there rdxpetn....

    Welcome aboard the good ship green hulk...

    A GP1300r is a pretty solid choice for a first ski...

    Ideally you want to get into an 04 or newer.. (the 03's had a few minor hull issues. most will likely have had them resolved )

    After another few hours with the search button.
    You'll likely figure out whats good and whats complete shit as far as mods go..


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    i love my 05 gpr! mods are unlimited to bad my pockets are not. WELCOME

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    welcome to the forum !

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    Thanks for the welcome, guys.

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    GPR's are good. If your looking to save money on gas look elsewhere.

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    Welcome! I enjoy my 03 GPR. all hull problems were solved a year ago at no cost to me, its a maditory repair paid for by YAMAHA. I have enjoyed modifying and riding both. Easy to modify and great to ride. 2up is iffy in rough waters but comfortable in back rivers where I ride. good luck we are all willing to help with your purchase/mods. All your answers are HERE. GREEN HULK !!

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    Welcome to the will enjoy the gpr...not for its speed but for its handeling....gpr feels like a sports car on the water. You an fix the holeshot with power adders to have a complete ski.

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