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    Virage Tx PumP removal Help

    my impellar is seized around the housing i am trying to get to the impeller but my stator wont budge does anyone have nay tips for me or now more about this ski and removing the pump thanks

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    Welcome to the Hulk!

    If you search, you will find other threads with info on removing the jet pump.

    Corrosion in the ring join between the sections of the modular jet pump is typically all that is holding it together.

    The usual method, once you have removed the four LONG bolts, and the various steering and hose connections at the nozzle, is to use a 2x4, leveraged against the sides of the pump tunnel. Work it left-right, and it should come loose.

    When you pull the pump out, pull it straight back. It can take some force, so be careful when it lets go. Sometimes the drive shaft comes out with it.

    In any case, don't lose the little rubber bumpers that fit into the ends of the drive shaft.

    Have you downloaded the 2002 Service Manual?

    When you put it back together, clean the corrosion from the mating surfaces of each section, and use some anti-seize compound.

    Clean the bolt threads, and use Locktite 242 or 248.
    Torque is 18ft-lbs, in a criss-cross pattern.

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    Heat with hot air gun around the lip of the join of the peice you want to remove .Then tap it sideways back +forth .It will come off then


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