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Thread: New Guy!!!

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    New Guy!!!

    Hi all just wanted to say high, Very Good Friend of 9secZo6, Here in Las Vegas.

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    HORSEPOWER JUNKIE 9secZO6's Avatar
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    Jun 2007
    Belle Chasse, La.
    bout' time u lurker u! Now u comin' to the bug?

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    Your new rims

    Junk lets see a picture of your new rims... Dude!!

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    Junk it's time.

    You on the way yet?

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    Junk is 9secZ06

    You on your way to Vegas Yet? I have something for you!

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    Moderator RX951's Avatar
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    Apr 2005
    San Antonio, Texas
    welcome to the forum !

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    I know this guy like No other, 9secZ06 aka Junk

    And I am not a post whore!

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    Thanks RX951

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    Oct 2007
    ucf orlando,florida
    Welcome to hulk post some pics of your jet !!

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