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Thread: rxp-x rpms

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    rxp-x rpms

    I just traded my ultra 250x for a rxp-x thursday and love it but it only turning 7500 to 7700 rpms i have 5 hours on ski. the water temp is 84 and about 90 degrees outside. Where should it be

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    My rxp-x did 8260 until recently when I can only get it to 8000. Dealer is coming tomorrow to check it out.

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    Time to start depitching..... This heat kills sc 4 strokes

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    I see about a 200 rpm or more loss on any ski with my heat 100 degrees and altitude (2,600 ft). So what is your altitude?
    Quite surprised that you can not pull the stock prop. I can pull the stocker with pitch added to trailering edge but can not pull the stock 15/22.
    You might pick up 100 rpm once have 10 hours or once the ecu opens up.

    You want you rpm at 8,000 for maximum hp on the X.

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    Mine did 8040 when broke in.I got it back and the tempature has hit low to mid 90s and running 7840 rpms now...

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