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    Scratches on hull

    What can I seal the scrathes on the hull with. I will have it redone in the winter. Thanks in advance.

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    pics of how bad they are
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    I will.

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    welcome to the forum shortfused

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    If they are just normal scratches on the bottom (not major gouges where you can see glass), just sand them out with a vibratory power sander. I do 100 grit --> 220 --> 400 --> 800 --> polishing compound --> swirl and haze remover. It brings it to a near mirror finish.

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    if they are any type of gouge, even if not thru the gelcoat, dont bother sanding, you are just gonna thin down the surronding gelcoat too much.
    get a gelcoat repair kit they are like 30 bux, you can even get exact color match, rough sand the edges of the gouge so its more of a V in the scratch instead of straight walls( imagine grand canyon is your scratch, you wanna sand the inside walls of the scratch into a V shape)
    then fill with gelcoat patch. you can us a plastic paint spatula or something to get it to smooth out and just fill the scratch , not blobbed all over the hull.
    if necessary, wet sand and reapply.

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