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    help code 42 and no fuel pump

    Wondering if anyone could help with a code 42 problem when you connect the lanyard you connot hear the fuel pump running either and the ski wont start.the code seems to be something to do with a tcp sensor but the ski should run up to 3000rpm which it doesnt.definately not getting any fuel.

    thanks guys stevie w

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    Kind of weird you get a 42 code and no pump. Wonder if it's coincidental problems. I've had that code before but when I reset it, it never happened again. Have you checked the pump relay yet for voltage or operation?

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    no fuel pump???????????

    hi thanks for the post i wonder if you can tell me where the pump relay is the ski worked perfect one day then wouldnt go the next also does anyone have an online manuall for the r12x as i cant get one here in scotland i will pay whatever costs are for it many thanks stevie w

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    anyone got any other reasons as to why the fuel pump aint running im trying to get as much info as poss as my ski is 100 miles from where i live and go there on friday many thanks stevie.

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    Could be the main starter relay, they are prone to fail. Luckily they are not that expensive.

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    JR you the man turns out main relay knackered and buzzing etc have ordered replacement thanks again for everyones help invaluable.

    stevie w

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