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Thread: Gelcote Hull

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    Gelcote Hull

    Last summer my g/f ran on some rocks in the middle of a lake. While checking out the bottom of the ski for something else I noticed the bottom is pretty scratched up. Anyone that has had the bottom of their ski redone, what did it cost ya?

    It isn't that bad, but I will probably get it done at the end of the summer.


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    DIY= go to spectrum and buy the gel or the patch kits. I did my Mastercraft, couple small chips and what not. Go to any boat site and do a search. Really pretty easy and if its on the bottom, that's the best place to get your hands duty.
    grind and sand out scratches 360 grit
    fill in flush (a little higher) with mud, sand flush
    spray with gel start with 360, 500, 800 1000 etc then new.
    Patch kits are even less.
    Its all in the prep work.
    Depends what you are comportable with really.
    I am no mechanic or body man and no one can tell.

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    as long as none fo the scratches are exposing fiberglass, you are ok.
    if you can see thru the gelcoat and see fiberglass, it will absorb water, and can cause serious damage to the hull integrity...
    ala delamination.
    whole big sections of the bottom of the hull peeling off like a banana

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    If it does not go through wet sand that area then buff out.
    That is the nice thing about Gelcoat.

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    Smile Spectrum

    I second spectrum. I had someone take my RXDI for a ride on the rocks last year. Also had a couple of dock dings. Black on bottom Yellow on top. Colors matched exactly and the repairs were easier than I expected. Repairs are invisible now.

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    i got a quart of red from for my 2 skis, little patches every year, it is amazing how well it matches.

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