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    C180 vs Speedster 150

    Went down to the boat place today, I had been inquiring about a speedster 150 they had but found out today it was sold 2 days ago.

    Since I've been reading and checking out all the specs I sort of had my hopes set on a speedster150 215hp version, simply cause i like teh idea of it being short, lighter and quick and nimble.

    They tried to talk me into the C180 they had, i must say it really didnt look to big once i stood back and looked at it. Although I wonder how much I can mod it to pick up more speed?

    I've seen the video of the 70mph speedster and man i really wouldnt mind having a boat that quick. Just wondering here what you think about the speed differences between the C180 and the speedster150
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    Used to own a speedster 150 and now I own a C180.
    I personally really miss the razor shap handling of the 150 and how it could almost do everything a ski could do. However to keep my family of four happy I had to upgrade to the C180.

    Did I mention I really miss my speedster 150.....

    You can easily make a C180 go 55 mph. After that your pockets are going to have to be pretty deep.

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    I looked at both and am happy that I chose the 150 its fast right out of the box 56.6mph gps and it handles like a jetski. Goodluck

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    What do you want to do while *on* the boat? The speedster is really fast and nimble, but it's so small it can barely haul 4 people or 3 peple and some gear... less if you want to play. Since the lake I go to is a state park there are no houses or even beaches to pull up on to drop off gear or people or for a lazy lunch. The speedster is just too small to socialize on I think. After buying my sportster (same size as speedster) I'm realizing that just hanging out on the water is slightly more important to me than performance... slightly... So I've got my eye on a C180 or Utopia.

    On the other hand... if it's just for you and 2 friends to play with, and you're not spending all day on the boat, then the speedster will rock!

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    If you want my personnal it is....

    I have a 2005 C180, that i've went through the pain of modding it to Stage 2.....and honestly....this is not even worth the cash/ mine tonight returned to stock specs, and the parts are going on sale in few minutes....(lots of them with low hours, and don't mix things up....the same parts on PWC kicks ass....but not on a boat) my advice is to try the C180 well before buying it, if you are pleased with the boating aspects of it (family fun, tubing and wakeboard, cruising....etc...) then buy it, but if you intend to make this big hull going faster than it was ment to be....forget'll be wasting a lot of cash for that.

    If you like speed the 215Hp short one there it is for you....nimble fast fun, but if you are in need for creature comfort, and family fun, the C180 delivers....BUT....this is not and won't be anything fast in a near future...!

    Anyway just sharing my opinions on there...mine is going back to stock.

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    I have an '07 155 Speedster and I love it. However, I DO regret not getting the SC - chalk it up as a live and learn experience.

    The speedster is an absolute blast to drive solo. The drawback is that it's really just a 2 person boat if you want to be comfortable. That was our original plan, but more often than not, there's four of us crammed in my Doo with wakeboards/tubes/skis hanging from the tower.

    I really like the 200 Speedster (430 hp) as a future upgrade for me. I'm still hoping SeaDoo will put the new 255hp beast in twins on a 20 footer in 09 or 2010. Yammie's 212SS is super cool, just not "sea doo" fast enough.

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    Jeepster old boy, I thought you were happy with the mods on the C180. I remember you saying it made a huge difference in holeshot and acceleration and you gained, what was it, 6 mph over stock.
    Why in the heck are you putting it back to stock? Unless you are selling it....

    At any rate I am interested in purchasing your intercooler and plumbing and possibly your 42 lbs injectors. Got a price?

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    Yeah, Jeepster, I'm shocked! Though, I've warned my boat buds many times not to expect as good of results with mods as the skis. Look at my mods; my 150 is just starting to get fun. The same mods on a ski would be extreme. Power/weight ratio & drag are a be-otch to overcome!

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    Here's my 2 cents

    Hears my 2 cents. I am a family man and need to take the kids and friends so I decided to go with the 180 sc and it is a 07'. I am very happy with the decision that I went with. I couldn't ask for anything more. EXCEPT SPEED I am a speedaholic . So Last week I decided to mod it and I couldn't be happier with it the boat picked up 8mph on gps and really didn't spend that much money. It is up to you todecide what you are going to do with it.

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    svt4blood, welcome to the select few of us who are modding boats. Some will say we are crazy because we dont see the gains the skis do but I knew that going in so I guees that makes me crazy

    What are you getting for a top speed now? Are all the mods you have listed in your sig? I ask because an 8 mph gain is better than any of us seem to have been able to achieve yet with a C180.

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