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    Whats up guys, im goin to buy a ski within the next week and ive been looking at 96-02 GTX's, just wanted to know if you think they are reliable, then what about carb Vs. DI? i know carbs are faster but with a lil work could the DI be just as fast, and whats the pros/cons to the both of them

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    RayRay, I don't think you can do much to the DI engines in terms of mods. If you are looking at the GTX and want performance then I suggest the 00-01 model rather then the later big hull 02-03 GTX. I have an 03 GTX with the bigger hull. It is good fun but it does carry about 35kg more weight and has a longer hull, thus is slower and not as easy to throw around.

    I have not had my DI for long enough to comment on how reliable it is. I did have some minor issues when I got it but all is now resolved. I have put about 15 hours on it since getting it and its a great ski. I love the GTX hull for comfort and dry ride, great for a couple of people as there is heaps of room.

    I have ran mine on the GPS and it will do 53-54mph on glass water with no head wind. This is on the ocean. In the rough is will do 51 all day long. The old shape GTX DI does about 58mph. The DI engine is also good on fuel, but make sure you run it on premium, they will not run right on regular.

    Good luck.

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