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    stupid 1200xl ltd.

    my 1200 would keep cutting out when i would rev it so i put oil in it thinking it had too little
    so i then put it in the water and it stayed on at half throttle but wouldn't move then when i would rev it all the way it would just cut out. anyone no what the problem is ? and its not the thing that controls the pv's fixed that already

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    I assume you've converted to premix and thats why you added more oil?

    Whats the compression on the cyls, and when was the last time you rebuilt the carbs?

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    yes its premix i dont know the compression and i havent rebuilt the carbs but changes the reeds a few weeks ago

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    Stupid 1200

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    well thats how i felt

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    If your not doing something, its hard to screw up. stlouisramsfan's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZMANN View Post
    Stupid 1200
    I think he means you should of rebuilt the carbs when you had it apart for the reeds....

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