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    jet help

    ok, just got my 96 slt 780 back from the shop for a carb cleaning.300 dollars later i took it out today, and while i was whipping some donuts it lost thrust. i got it back to the dock, put it on the trailer while my wife made me feel like crap for breaking her ski. i got it home and got the seat off and there was grease oozing out the coupler and by the drive shaft. i lifted the front and crawled under the trailer and had my wife spin it over. everything spun and nothing was clogged in it.anybody got any ideas on a problem. i need it fixed by 4/4 or i'm a dead man by my wife.and i'm not taking it back to a shop.could i have over greased it? or is there more to it

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    I would check compression first.

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    engine runs fine. i had to "bump" on the throttle to get it back to shore

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    sounds like your coulper went bad . pull the cover thats over the drive shaft and hold back the engine coupler and spin the drive shaft with a pair of channel locks .if it spins the rubber coupler is shot . don't chew up the shaft with the channel locks

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    held the drive shaft and the coupler spun with the greatest of ease.i'm guessing that was rubber all over the coupler not grease. so when i'm replacing it, is there anything else i should think about replacing?

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    not really ,check your pump bearings for any noise also you can tell your wife it's not your fault now

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    She likes the bike. But the ski gets her wet!!!! xlint89's Avatar
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    Pretty easy fix hangman. I have a used and a new one for sale if you need one. PM me if interested.

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