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    Question Help me make my PROJECT FAST!!

    I have no PWC experience but I want to take my 93 Sea Doo and XP and make it as fast as possible. It is more of a project than anything but I was wondering if someone could tell me what I can do to make it as fast as possible..

    Engine Swap?? Can you upgrade from the 657??
    Anything??? Just need some help to start buying parts and get started...

    Thanks and any help would be appreciated..

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    I did a little looking around for you and can't find anything in the way of performance exhaust systems for you. Maybe 96XPSS has some ideas if he happens to see your posting. Without piping it or dropping a newer/bigger engine in it you will be pretty limitted to your options. You can always pick up a new ride plate and intake grate. Longer ride plates offer more stabilitly and deeper intake grates pull more water into your pump. Performance flame arrestors and ridding it of the choke butterflies offers more air flow. In place of the choke throw in a primer kit. Much more worth while. Do away with the oil injection and just go premix, saves a little bit of the HP when the injector isn't being spun. Also saves some weight not having the gallon of oil always there. Impellers are good but you need the ponies to really get something out of them. You can sharpen the flat side blade edges for a little more efficient cut in the water. Might be able to buy a performance head for it too. Port and polishing. There are tons of little things but the more you try to force through that engine, the more you need an exhaust that can keep up.

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