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    WTB thermostat and pop off for 2000 SLX

    I am looking for a new or used but good shape thermostat and pop off parts for a 2000 Polaris SLX which is either a 1050 or 1200cc. The numbers are worn off the carb cover and I do not know how else to tell.

    Thanks, Rich

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    Rich...leave em out!! You don't need em!!

    I believe in 2001 they didnt even come with a thermostat and pop off. I have been running my 99 1050 without either for probably three seasons now and I feel better knowing they wont clog up my cooling system.

    1200 cc on your ski
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    Started leaving them out in 2000.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetskiMN View Post
    Started leaving them out in 2000.

    DoH!! so you never had one in the first place!!

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    Thanks for your input. I was trying to fix a problem that I am having and the previous owner said has happen since day one from owing the ski. It runs great and I can have it wide open as long as it does not cavitate. As soon as it cavitates it flashes hot and goes into limp mode and I have to come to almost a complete stop and then the limp mode rev limiter goes away, which keeps happening every 30 seconds or so from hitting wakes or skipping on the water. It is a pain in the ass.

    I was thinking that having the pop off valve would create a little pressure in the system and it would not go in limp mode every time the sky catches air. Have any of you had this problem as well? Any common fixes?

    Did they make a 1050cc SLX in 2000? Any other way for mew to tell what size my ski is or was Absentx telling me only 1200cc's were made in 2000?

    Thanks, Rich
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    99 SLX had a 1050
    00-01 SLX had a 1200

    Heard of your condition only once before but can't remember what the issue turned out to be. The water flow thru the system wouldn't cause this. I would PM ph2ocraft (Al) as I think he might remember what causes this to happen.
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    Did you ever figure out what caused this?

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