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    starting issue

    Ok just bought an 08 RXP and it has 1hr on it. After my previous ride it ran great! I did all the precautions so that my motor will run to its fullest also. Well i come out today and go down and find that when i stick in my key nothing is happening. No lights pop up...nothing. What should i do? I really dont want to have to trailer this jetskii in that much but if thats the issue then i may have to. Has this happened to anyone else?

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    Check the battery voltage with a VOM. It should be around +12.5 VDC, or a little higher. Check to make sure that the battery connections are tight. If the battery & connections check out OK, check for blown fuses. And, whatever you do, DO NOT jump the ski from a running engine... Ron

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    checked the volatged and it was fine. Umm on an 08 RXP where would the fuses be located? Thank you

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    Try jamming the key on the post.

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