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Thread: MY RXP Speed

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    MY RXP Speed

    Took her out today with only 5 hours on her at 1180 ft above sea level, water temp 82 degrees, air temp in the upper 80s and humidty around 30% she was flying stock at 66.3, 66.7 and 66.5

    See there! To hell with the easy breakin
    Ran her hard from day one just like she needed

    Time to change out the oil with my special blend and see what else she has in her!

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    I too believe in a hard break in

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    Jerry i think you broke it in a little to hard a while back. In fact i think you broke it... lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Hulk
    I too believe in a hard break in
    Me too, when my RXT was only with 2 hours of use i did 4 WOT 1/4 mile runs vs my Kawi 15-F then the next day i put a complete Riva stage II race package with a Rotax Racing externall intercooler since at that time the Riva power cooler was not available yet and currently my ski is the fastest 3 seater from my riding area

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