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    first outing

    so i got the boat in the water for the first time for about 4 hrs this thing is RAD. ok i got a ? i took it slow for first 2 hrs but towardes the end of my 4 hrs i would get it up to 5k or 5 and 1/2k on the rpms but was only going about 30 or 35 is that normal
    thanks ryan

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    If it's a new boat the computer on board limits your RPMs until about 10 hours......

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    spd5535, I have a new Speedster 150 155hp with about 9 hours on it now (and the hour meter is correctly saying 9 hours) and have had it up to 7400 rpm (the limit for the 155hp model) a number of times for very short stints. The computer hasn't limited anything.

    ryan, 5K to 5.5k at 30 to 35mph sounds right. You are good to be able to keep it that low. It's hard to keep it low on these boats when it takes about 4000rpm to get up on plane. I think by hour 3 I had hit 7400rpm a few times already. My dealer said to take it easy for the most part but to run it wide open for very short periods (a few seconds) during the break in. Just don't keep it at the same rpm for very long periods of time.

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    The S/C engines are different. My Utopia never retarded the RPM's during my first 10 hours either.

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    my sportster SCIC (same as speedster 150 -215) needs exactly 4700 rpm to stay on plane w/ 2 ppl and fuel.

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    thanks to all i just wanted to make sure it was on point

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