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    VX Performance Mods!

    Hi i have a 2007 vx i have the pump seal kit fitted and exhust, just need some advice about air filter and cone will i notice any gains from fitting these and is it safe to fit the air intake as it looks like it may take water in? be grateful for help as in england dont seem much on the vx or any 4 stroke!

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    why do people not seem to reply just after a little advice from you guys!

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    not many guys moding VX's so I guess that is why no replys I would think you would get some gain from exhaust and air kit. I would call RIVA and ask what to exspect they will tell you straight. I would say the 3-4 mph increase would not hardly justify the price but I could be wrong

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    do ADVANCE search for VX mod's in yamaha 4 stroke here is one I saw

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