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Thread: coolant issue

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    coolant issue

    just got rxt back from dealer after 10 hour service and supercharger rebuild kit and NEW oil pumps after clutch washer failure.. UGHH. anyways 2600 $ later and i get the ski back and there is verl little coolant in it. wayy below min fill line. i dont know much at all about the ski and ive tried to search for a releative thread but no luck.. can anybody help me? is it dangerous to run?

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    add 50 50 mixture of antifreeze/coolant first. add coolant to just above cold fill line.
    most likely an air bubble burped and the level dropped a bit, that is normal...

    if it continues to drop after 1-2 top off`s then I`d contact the dealer...
    so run out to walmart or autopart store and get a gallon of 50 50 mix antifreeze... (yellow/green stuff)...

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