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    flash speed counter RXT X

    I will flash the speedcounter from my RXT X he stop at 113 km/h but the jet run more, you can flash it with one factory- code to open the limit.
    But my garage wait since 6 month for the code from Seadoo.
    If somebody can help me?
    Thanks Rudi

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    A lot of speedometers stop at 70 mph (113 km/h). Us performance freaks realize that the speedometer is not accurate above 60 mph so we purchase a GPS unit such as a Garmin E-trex or Forunner for accurate top speed readings. I'm not sure if there really is a code to allow the sensor to read higher. My instincts tell me there isn't. I could care less either way..

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    ouai Rudi, fait comme tous le monde ici, prend toi un GPS; Lą au moins t'es sūr d'avoir la vrai vitesse.

    JFizzleJR is right, do like all of us, take a GPS. at least you're sure to have true speed)

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    Thanks for the answer, i will do it with a gps.

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