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    where to buy OEM transom strap

    The PO of my boat lost one of the seadop transom tiedown straps. I really like the design compared to what was on my dads trailer boat 15 years ago. I'd like to buy another but it isn't listed in the seadoo parts catalog, or the karavan parts catalog and the dealer just has a blank look.

    Has anyone seen them for mail order?


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    I can't answer your question, but I can tell you that I lost one of my OEM transom straps a few weeks ago, and was really bummed. I used to leave them on the trailer as I went out, and someone either snagged one, or it fell off when backing in at the ramp. I really liked the OEM one, and devoted many hours to finding an exact replacement. I finally went to West Marine and got these, and find them superior in every way to the OEM ones:

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    THANKS! great link

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    I get most OEM stuff from They have good prices and can order most any part you need. Just use the parts finder to the the OEM part number and send them an email if you cannot find the part on their catalogue.
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