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    how to port and polish the engine?

    do we have a step by step on how to port and polish the engine?

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    It's alot more complicated than one may think.

    You need to know port heights, widths and a bunch of other stuff to do an actual port/polish.

    Although, you can "clean-up" the ports of casting flaws etc... pretty easily, without changing port timing or actual port sizes.

    You may see a little gain on a dyno, but you're not going to feel anything however.

    You can just look in the ports and transfers and you might see some casting ridges that look like little mountain ranges. These can be removed and the ports and transfers can be made more uniform. And the exhaust port can be matched to the exhaust manifold and then polished.

    If ya have some cylinders to look at, you might see what I'm talking about.

    It's alot easier to screw up port work than it is to improve it though! Porting truely is an art form and takes years of knowledge and experience to do it correctly.

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    1. pack the engine into a box carefully.

    2. Send it to Randy at

    3. Pay for it when it's ready.

    4. Install it and enjoy.

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