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    cylinder re-plating?

    i have a 2001 kawi ultra 150. i basically need a new cylinder. however the one i have is not that bad and there is no cracks. so i was wondering what you all think about getting the one cylinder re-plated? i have looked around and i saw a few companies like U.S. chrome, mongoose machine, and millennium tech. with the last doing an exchange program. so i was wondering if anyone has experiance with any of these guys and if any are recomended? and what about the millennim tech exchange? thanks

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    Should be fine, they can strip it and renikasil it to match the bore of the other cylinders.

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    I had millenium tech do a cylinder for me and they were very good to deal with. No suprises with price or time and the cylinder looked great.

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    anyone else use these people or anyothers?

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    I have also heard good things about us chrome. Havent used them personaly.

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    US Chrome ha done plenty of Hi-Po Merc blocks for us with no problems. I would expext their PWC stuff to be just as good. You can replate yours for what you will pay for a used one and with a re-plate you will beback to new. Mike

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    how about i just want a good place to do it at a resonable price. also there is no harm in doing only one cylinder? and what piston should i get and gasket kit? thanks

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