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    Help with 01 RX Problem

    This is a friends ski and this is what was sent to me. Any ideas guys?

    This is what it is doing. Any insight?
    It's in MAINT mode....and rear coil is not providing spark....but that may be the computer's doing when it puts it in "limp mode" the actual problem may be unrelated to spark...I did swap the coils and they both appear to be fine, put new wiring harness in coil a ENGL1 code on display...I can get you more info as well....and for some reason Iam seeing sea doo 2cycle oil down in the bottom of the's a 01 RX injected 951 motor...idles ok up to 2000 rpm...when you give it gas to take off it bogs down and blows smoke (unburnt fuel from dead cylinder)....

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    That sounds pretty well exactly the same as what the Mercury Optimax 2 stroke outboards do. They do this when the oil level is low. The engine goes into safe mode and can pretty much only idle to get you back...and it will mix at 100:1 to try and preserve as much oil left as possible. One idea could be either a sticking float in the oil tank...or a defective oil tank sending unit.

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    The first thing I would have done before ever trying to run it was find out where the oil is coming from. A busted oil line will seize a piston real quick.

    So...find and correct that...let us know what you find, and we'll go from there.

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