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    Driveshaft bushing question

    I am trying to replace driveshaft bushings in greasable fitting on '99 Genesis. I got two new seals for it but the bushings are worn out also--I did not see them broken out on the schematic--I have a # on them as:
    "14DU06" and a "B5A" with a "G" that has a line over and under it. I found a website that listed that bushing (14DU06) and sent an e-mail but have not heard back from them yet re: availablity and price. ANy body know if these are available seperate from Polaris? Thanks DOUG

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    Are you talking about the part #15 referred to as a "bearing" which is actually a stainless/copper alloy, teflon permeated, split bushing for $3.15 each? I want to make sure they're the right part before I order them. Thanks. DOUG

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