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    SL650 Bogging Down

    I have a 94 SL 650. I just did the following work to the ski.

    New pistons bored .20 over.
    Rebuilt Carbs
    All new fuel lines
    Triple outlet fuel pump
    Replaced entire cdi box with another used one.
    New head gaskets/engine gasket kit.

    Ok.... Here is my problem, which ive been having before I rebuilt the engine as well. I take it out on the water for about a minute it runs great. Then it starts to break up a little bit. Then about 30 seconds later I lose almost all power and at full throttle I cant even plane out the jet ski. ( wont rev ). And then it starts to smoke just a little more as if it wasnt burning the mixture properly. Has anyone had these issues before? I am stumped on this one. I cant see it being in the cdi unit since i changed it all out. but who knows if it was good ( bought off ebay )
    Anyhelp would be appreciated since I have invested more into what its worth. Thanks

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    what about checking the stator ? could that cause the problem

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    Have you downloaded the 1992-1998 Service Manual?

    Have a look through the diagnostics information.

    Since your problem happens as the engine warms up, I suggest you prepare for doing the testing, then run it strapped to the trailer, but backing into the water. When the problem occurs, shut it down, and test the coils right away.

    Start by checking for spark on each cylinder. If the spark is weak or missing on one cylinder, then you can swap coil connections to see if the problem moves with the coil, or stays on the same cylinder.

    The CDI fires all the coils together, BTW.

    You can check the stator and ignition coils with an ohm-meter. The process and ohm values are in the manual.

    Be careful not to short out the battery when you have the electrical box open.

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    What are the carbs set at? What size jets are in there?

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    Well it has stock jets in it, but its not running lean. I had this same problem before I bored out the cylinders. I dont think I have a fuel condition because when the problem happens its starts to smoke alot and i have PREMIX which means im still getting fuel but its like its not burning off properly.

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    Time to ohm test the ign system then.

    Stator test
    coil test
    and Plug boot test.

    Try unscrewing the plug boots and cutting the wires back about 1/4" and rescrew the boot back on. Then zip tie it. This helps get a clean connection.

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