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    raider 760 no power in water

    hey guys its been a while since ive been on here but another year has passed and its time to try and get the ski running for the 4th year in a row.

    the only thing i can find wrong is that when it is in the water it has no power. i can put it on the hose and it will rev up and run like its brand new but as soon as it hits the water it loses everything. it has a top speed of about 9mph on the guage and fouls out the front spark plug. i can pull it out of the water and get it running great again on the trailer but everytime it gets in the water it goes south.

    i was thinking a "power pack" problem like on an outboard motor but i don't know. all fuel lines and oil lines are clean and free flowing.

    any help would be great. i would hate to think that my ski is allergic to water.

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    what did ur compression check yeild?

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    i'm going to do that in the morning just for good measure but i'm thinking it has to be okay since it runs so good out of the water. it seems to me like it wouldnt run at all if the compression was bad but thats just me.

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    well i can't find a compression tester i will have to wait till next week and drive an hour to the nearest oreilly's. is there anything else i can or should check while i am waiting?

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    well since i cant find a compression tester i pulled the spark plugs and looked at the pistons and they look great. took it for a ride at the boat ramp today and again just 9 mph at very low rpm as usual. put it on the trailer and pulled it out of the water and it revved up like a champ. i'm stumped.

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    found a tester and it was 120 on the rear cylinder and 145 on the front. i.m guessing that extra oil in the front cylinder from fouling out caused the spike. just an update

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    Can u verify spark on the front cyl?

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    yes it has good spark on both cylinders. however the only time i have checked the spark is on the trailer when it runs good. i'm not sure how to check it when its running bad because it has to be in the water to run bad.

    someone suggested the high speed jets but i'm not sure about that because of the way it runs on the hose.
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    rebuilt the carbs today and other than one being a little dirty everything seems to be in order. going to the lake in the morning to try it out. hopefully everything works. if not i will be replacing the computer unless someone knows of something else to check

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    its blown up, mail me the 760 and I will mail you my 701

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