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    Can Someone Post Wiring Schematic For ZXI?

    I'm looking to bench test a key switch.

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    I have the 1100ZXi service manual in pdf format, but it's 62 meg in size.

    Any idea how I could get it to you?
    Our servers here would strip the attachment at anything above the 10 meg mark (I'm guessing), so other than compressing into, say, 5 meg parts using WinRAR, I would have to mail it to you on a CD.

    I think you have helped me in the past, so am willing to put on CD and mail to ya, would need your address.

    Unfortunately, that will take 3 or 4 days to reach you - usually a repair is desired in a shorter time period, I know.

    Let me know if I can help,
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    If you have gmail, you can upload it to your "google Drive" click the bunch of buttons and click drive and add it to drive, once added to drive you can share it by right click then share and enter an email address to anyone you want to share it with. No cd no hassle I am looking for the 900 zxi manual... if you have it you can share it same way, my email is :

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    You should probably just go to ebay and order a paper manual, instead of pulling up every 8-10 year old thread that you can find and asking someone to give you a free one.

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